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A rare opportunity to upgrade your life to the “ATS Style”

THE ATS HOME Noida, is one stop shop for 8 ATS locations. it's a unique home show for those who are looking for a premium home for ultra chic lifestyle

A destination for true sports pros and amateures like, ATS Sports Resort house an international-level cricket stadium and a football field, along with dadminton, basketball and tennis courts, with a host of other world-class facilities. If you are looking for an ultimate rush drive in and feel the experience.

ATS has built a name for itself in real estate development that equals, indeed excles, the finest. A name built on the firm foundations of trust transparency and demonstrated excellence. And one which has delivered project after project, appreciated widely for high quaility of construction and timely completion. The focus on detail and quality has also helped ATS earn the reputation that ranks it among the country most preferred developers.

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